Google Pixel 2 – Facts and Rumors

Google Pixel 2 - Facts and Rumors

The smartphone market has been flooded with high-quality smartphones carrying outstanding software and hardware capabilities. Smartphone manufacturers have been innovating and adding up to the features-list to make it a more compelling purchase every year.

Similar is the scenario with Google, the pioneer of Android Operating System has made a breakthrough with their Pixel series, releasing two smartphones namely the Pixel and the Pixel XL. The search engine giant had shown the world what a perfect phone should look and feel like and therefore, the Pixel was considered one of the best smartphones of 2016.

The company is most likely going to release a newer version of the Google Pixel, which they will be calling the Google Pixel 2. It is without any doubt going to be an improvement when compared to the previous version, which can only be confirmed after the release. Let’s have a roundup of all the facts and rumors revolving around the Google Pixel 2.

Hardware and Design

Several rumors had been suggesting that Google is looking for an alternative to that of the Qualcomm chips they had used in the first version of Google Pixel. The company has been looking at options from Intel and MediaTek besides Qualcomm. The latest chip from Qualcomm, namely, the Snapdragon 836 is still unannounced and therefore, the Google Pixel 2 is rumored to pack the Snapdragon 835 Chipset, which is being used by Samsung Note 8.

HTC’s U11 had a completely pimped up form factor with the squeezable frame, several rumors suggest that the Google Pixel 2 will come with a similar squeezable frame. With this feature added, you can access your favorite applications by simply squeezing the phone. It is not only cool to used, but is tremendously useful in most situations. This rumor also suggest that HTC will yet again help Google with the manufacturing of the Google Pixel 2, as they have done in the past with the Google Pixel.

Long as the design is concerned, it is going to be slimmer than the Google Pixel and the interesting part is that it may have an infinity display like the Samsung Galaxy S8. The flagship will have IPS68 protection which will keep it from taking any damage from water or dust.

The biggest downside however, is that the Google Pixel 2 will dump the 3.5mm Headphone Jack which would be a huge disappointment for the loyal customers of the brand. The phone will come baring a USB-C port and it is also rumored that unlike Apple, Google will be adding a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack. We don’t think that would be enough to make up for the loss of the headphone jack.


It goes without saying that the Google Pixel’s biggest selling point is its hardware and that is the reason people overlook the hardware flaws. The stock android goodness will without a doubt still make the phone fun to use and fast at the same time. The Google Pixel 2 will come with the latest Android Operating System which is being named as Android Oreo or Android O.