iPhone Water Damage – How to Save Your iPhone

Water damage can strike at any minute. Learn proven techniques for saving your iPhone or iPod Touch after disaster strikes. iPhone’s are sensitive any any water damage that occurs can cause catastrophe. Following these steps may prevent your iPhone from certain death.

What is an iTablet? Pre-release analysis of the new Apple Tablet PC.

The hardware from the new 3rd generation Touch utilizes a modified hardware platform from the 2nd Generation in the 32 and 64gb models which was released a few months ago. I believe the new iTablet is based on a similar SSD storage setup. They are taking this to the next step with the use of […]

iPod Battery Recycling Program

Today the UPS truck came to pick up another box of recycled batteries. The iPod battery recycling program has been working well since its release in mid 2008. We have been carrying on our best practices and building up the program to include the plastic packaging and used cardstock. Our numbers indicate we are effectively […]