Xbox 360 Repair

Has your Xbox 360 stopped working?  Repair Sharks offers Xbox 360 repair for a fraction of what Microsoft charges for their Xbox 360 repair service. Our Xbox 360 service includes the red ring of death (RROD), disk drive errors, and all other red light errors. We can repair heat sink related issues that result in overheating of the Xbox 360 console.

Repair Sharks Xbox 360 all-in-one console repair service will have you up and gaming once again in no time. Our service includes any errors due to overheating or DVD drive problem.  We also offer Free Shipping on all our repairs which we have extended out to all Xbox 360 repairs.

Take advantage of Repair Sharks diagnostics and testing capabilities. Our staff of experienced computer hardware, iPod and iPhone technicians will give you full insight into your issues. Rush service is available on all repairs otherwise typical repair is 2-3 days from date of receipt. This gives us ample time to complete the repair and test your device thoroughly.  Hard drive replacement is not included but can be obtained for an additional fee.

Xbox 360 Repair

4 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Repair

  1. Correna says:

    How do you fix a virus on an xbox 360 from a infected external hard drive that plugged in? How long does a repair for an xbox 360 take?

  2. Sony says:

    Some people claim that wrapping a Xbox 360 in a wet towel can eleviate the error associated with it and help it cool down. Do you think that this is true? I don’t think so.

  3. Francis says:

    It is better to find a a good service center to repair XBox 360 than trying to doing it by yourselves? I tried this and lost all my money.

  4. Bridget Jeffery says:

    My xbox 360 has just scratched my new game. Highly annoyed! The machine is led down and i haven’t moved it, what can I do?

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