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Hello and welcome. First off thank you for visiting Repair Sharks. We are continually striving to offer a customer centric experience and that is just why we created our blog. Our blog is aimed at helping our customers get the most out of their experience with Repair Sharks.  Along the way we will include useful information that is aimed at helping you to understand our services, processes, the repair of your device, and to give an open forum for our customers to express themselves.  

We know how important your iPod, iPhone, or Xbox 360 is to you. We can see just by the way we receive many of them. We take just as much care in how we work with you. Not only will we talk about our services in our blog but we will look to bring you customer focused and relevant information for helping you get your device repaired.

In our preventative medicine section we will discuss methods on how to better care for your device and plan for the worst. Many people aren’t familiar with the inner workings of a device this small. We like to think once you take a look on the inside the way you look at the outside will change.   

Look for more to come from Repair Sharks

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to Repair Sharks Blog

  1. johney says:

    These types of blogs are really needed.This will enables the users to ask their doubts and to to interact with the technicians.

  2. iPod Repair Guys says:

    Thank you for the comments.

    iPods can get damaged many ways including; Water Damage, damage from a fall, cracked LCD’s, bad batteries, headphone jack audio cutting out, hold switch not working, iPod not charging correctly, dock connector not working properly, hard drive issues, etc.

    We enjoy listening to our customers they bring us insight into new business ideas as well as improvements we can make for our service and repair processes.

  3. Lilia Seaberg says:

    I liked your blog very much. Nice work. More over the comments are really interesting to read. I will recommend you guys to my friends so that they will contact you if there is any problem with their iPod..Thanks

  4. Tiedeman says:

    Interesting blog. I really appreciate your website. All the matters regarding iPods are well explained. Also about your service – really nice.

  5. Sharron Nice says:

    @Williams – There are lot of ways for getting an ipod damaged. The most important reason is the carelessness. Also water damage is the serious problem associated with ipods.

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