Rose Gold Apple iPhone 4 Front Glass, Midframe, Home Button, and Rear Back Cover

Recently we installed a Rose Gold Full frame, glass, and button assembly on an iPhone 4. It came out remarkable. The customer was ecstatic to say the least. The phone was the talk of the day in the shop. It had Swarovski crystals which gave it a diamond look all around the entire frame. Even the home button was encrusted with the crystals. The color is not like a standard bright gold color. There must be some brown or red tinting in the gold to give it the rose gold look. The Apple logo on the back of the device was also covered in the crystals. The side and power buttons were also changed out to match the rest of the phone.

The parts were custom ordered for the customer. Once we received them they brought the phone to our store and we installed the same day for them. Repair Sharks can arrange for custom work to be completed in a timely fashion so you are not without a phone.

Full overhauls and custom work takes extra time but we enjoy doing things like that. We have installed just about every variation of colors and midframes on these phones available on the market across most of the iPhone, iPod, and even iPad market. Give us a call if you want to customize your phone with something unique.

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