iPhone 8 – What to expect?

iPhone 8 - What to expect?

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives and the ever-ending war between iOS and Android has another competitor to arrive, which is the iPhone 8. A list of features and functionalities start making it to the internet right at the beginning of each year, however, the most accurate ones arrive by the mid of each year.

Apple has been fairly slow with adding up to their iPhone series ever since the release of the iPhone 6, there hasn’t been any major change. This time however, it looks like the iOS giant is going to bring something more to the plate, after all it is the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. There are a bunch of rumors that we think are leaning towards the reality and they are as follows.

Design & Display

Unlike the previous versions of iPhone, there are going to be three variants. Namely, the iPhone 8 which would come bearing a 5.15” inch display, an iPhone 8 Plus which is the bigger variant and would have a 5.8” display, a third phone which would be the same size as that of the iPhone 8 Plus, however, the display would be an OLED instead of the standard display.

The biggest hype of the iPhone is the rumor that circulates around the screen. Inspired from the Samsung Galaxy S8, it is expected that it will pack the infinity display or the edge-to-display as most people like to call it. The metal body will be replaced with that of the glass body similar to that of the iPhone 4.

Home Button and Touch ID

The iPhone 8 is expected to come without the home button, instead it will have a complete screen and at the middle bottom of the display it will have a touch button like the assistive touch which will be a software key instead of a hardware one.

The confusion however is whether it will have touch ID or not, we expect that it will have an onscreen finger print reader. The rumors are that the touch ID will be replaced with a facial recognition system. Apple knows its thing without a doubt, but it will be weird if facial recognition replaces touch ID, what if you are using your phone in a dark room?

Features and Functionalities

The Apple iPhone 8 will have a faster A11 chip that is 10 nano-meters in size, it is expected that the newer chip will improve the battery life as well as make the already snappy software more snappier and smooth.

With almost all the latest android phones packing up the water resistance feature, it would be a turn-off if Apple doesn’t make sure that the iPhone 8 is water resistant. With the technology moving towards the wireless configuration, it is also rumored that the iPhone 8 will wireless charging enabled which will be in-actual wireless charging unlike the competitors setting up a charging dock.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 8 – What to expect?

  1. Luca says:

    mark my words – iPhone 8 will be a groundbreaking release. It will bring new features that Android phones will start trying to copy within a month. It really will be that good.

    • admin says:

      I think you mean the opposite is actually happening. iPhone is starting to copy android features. The integration of the home button into the glass is nothing new but what it will actually do is create havoc in the repair industry. It appears the only way to replace an iPhone 8 screen would be to have access to Apple’s calibration equipment. Thus far Apple has only allowed 3 partners in the USA to have this machine basically saying good luck to anyone that breaks their screen.

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