iPhone 4s Repair Service on Long Island

Repair Sharks has been in the business of repairing iPhones since the 2G was released. As new generations have been released we have mastered the repair process for each one. The iPhone 4S is no different. We have full repair capabilities for all available iPhone models. Repair Sharks can service everything from cracked glass, LCD issues, audio issues, button problems, color swaps, to even bad water and liquid damage. We have repaired some severely damaged iPhones. Take a recent customer for example. Here is his story.

I was pumping gas at a local station and after I was done I jumped in my car and drove away. It wasn’t until about 10 seconds later that I realized I left my iPhone 4 on my car while I was pumping. Well, the iPhone fell off my car and into the street apparently. When I went back to get it I watched as 4 cars ran over my phone. I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was shattered beyond belief.  ( James Scara)

James decided to give the Repair Sharks a call and I bet he is glad that he did. James lived in eastern Long Island. He was a bit concerned about making the trip to Western Nassua since he was pretty positive his phone was done for. To make a long story short, somehow we managed to save the entire phone for him. We installed a new front and rear glass housing, changed out his dock and battery. We also had to fix a connector on the board. Miraculously after our repairs the phone worked perfectly. The story he told us had us laughing pretty hard but James was really happy we were able to save his phone.

It’s a great feeling knowing how many people we have helped. From minor issues to major overhauls we have helped thousands of people get back on their feet.  Stories like this always remind us of why we went into business in the first place, to help people. It also gives us something fun to talk about.

As with all our repairs we offer Mail-In service, Drop-Off service, Free Diagnostics, Free Warranty and Free Return Shipping with any repairs we make at Repair Sharks. Give us a call at 516-499-6892 or visit our website at www.repairsharks.com if you need assistance.

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