Apple adds leniency to their Third-Party Screen Repairs

Apple has been uptight about their policies regarding iPhone screen repairs. Screens are one of the most fragile parts of smartphone and even a slight drop on the floor in the wrong angle can cause a crack in the screen. Apple has made a fairly good decision to allow third-party repairs get an iPhone fixed without voiding the warranty.

Apple has floated a memo that clearly states that an Apple Authorized Service Provider must check the damaged device for any tampering in the hardware that does not include the screen. Once it has been verified that the device hasn’t been tampered, the phone should be repaired as per company policy.

There are however some clauses that may offend a potential customer. The memo states that if the replaced screen hinders the repairing process or causes a failure during the repair process, then the costs will be incurred upon the customer.

Going ahead, if the problem is related to the replaced third party display, the customer will have to pay for the display outside of the warranty. Finally, if a customer wishes to replace the third party display with an original one, the customer will have to pay the costs.

According to us, the policies mentioned above are fairly lenient when it comes to the policies previously implemented by the company. With these relaxations, Apple is making it easier for their customers to get their phone repaired if they are unable to get to an Apple Care store in time.

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by Kamran Khan

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