iPad 4 and iPad Mini Release

So we are finally seeing the new iPad Mini hit the market. What does everyone think so far? It’s our prediction that the iPad Mini is going to be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. With kids all over the world drooling over their parents and siblings iPads every parent is going to have to answer the call of today’s technology savvy adolescent.

Kids are growing up with cutting edge technology both in the classroom and at home. Many parents can afford or see the value in purchasing their kid a $500+ iPad 2, 3, or 4. So the solution is simple, purchase an iPad Mini for them. The Mini is smaller and can fit small hands better, it’s easier to carry and it’s also a cheaper product. Parents looking to not break the budget will be eyeing the Mini this year and Apple knows it. They couldn’t revolutionize the iPad so why not make it smaller, more portable and more convenient.

So what about the iPad 4? Where does the newest member of the iPad lineup fit into the lives of new users and existing users. We may see some iPad 1 users start to embrace the newer technology and pass down their iPad 1’s to their kids. Is the iPad 1 obsolete at this point? We don’t think so, it still performs many of the initial functions that drew us to the tablet when it was first released initially. The performance benefit can be the main reason for people to upgrade. The screen is also a plus embracing the newer screen technology found in the 3. What about iPad 2 and 3 owners?  I still think both of these products are great and the need to upgrade to a 4 might not be as necessary if you own either of these two devices. Perhaps when Apple introduces the 5 at some point in the future may we see a larger move over to the newer technology. Apple does need to add some significant hardware upgrades to the next models. We really need to see a hdmi, SD card slot or something to make the product competitive to some of the Android tablets. We have seen the Android tablets start to dominate when it comes to available features that are built in.

In any event, all these devices are bound to break and you will at some point need assistance from a repair center. The Repair Sharks, www.repairsharks.com will be here to help whenever you need assistance. Give us a call or visit our website for more information.