iPad 3 Issues and Repairs – Hotter than iPad 2?

Repair Sharks has already begun getting inquiries into iPad 3 repairs.  As of March 2012 we are waiting for new inventory to arrive and the high prices to drop. Parts are available for the 3 but on a limited scale at this time. The cost for the 3rd Gen iPad parts is high currently due to the limited availability on the market.  The repair process is similar to the iPad 2 but there are some differences in how the cabling is presented inside the iPad. The digitizer cabling has moved higher and the length of cabling attached to the digitizer itself has more than doubled. The LED display is also different from the 2nd Gen models.

We have recently heard of heat issues with the iPad 3. Apparently there are some concerns that the iPad 3 gets hotter than its counterpart the iPad 2. Some tests have shown that the increase in temperature is rather significant after an hour of use. Comparing the new generation model with its predecessor heat concentration profiles is different inside the unit. Thermal tests have shown higher temps with the 3rd gen over the 2nd gen.

Other issues that are becoming apparent with the iPad 3 are its battery charge reporting. Apparently the iPad 3 in its current version and firmware is showing a full battery even though the battery hasn’t fully charged. Testing has shown that to acquire a full charge can take up to 2.5 hours more than what the charge indicator is actually showing. While the iPad 3 is showing a 100% charge it is actually a 90% charge. Although the battery is larger than the iPad 2 the reporting of the battery level is not as accurate as it should be. We don’t know if Apple will ever get this right. It seems like reporting of actual system performance gets cloudy with Apple’s products. Take the iPhone 4 for instance. The iPhone 4 was / is known for reporting false cellular signal strength.

Experts say that the new thermal profile of the iPad 3 is normal and within comfortable operating conditions. Some users have pushed testing to the limit and have noticed the difference from the iPad two but have also noted that it isn’t uncomfortably hot, it is just warm. A lot has to do with the new Retina display as some have noted.

The Retina display on the iPad 3 actually uses 2.5 times more backlight power compared to the iPad 2 hence why you see a steady warm area throughout the entire iPad. We are wondering that even though this is working within the thermal limits of the unit how does it affect longevity of the internal components? How will the iPad 3 compare to the iPad 2 in terms of burnout? We will just have to wait and see. Given our inquiries already the front glass will and has cracked so don’t be too surprised if a minor fall causes major issues. As of right now, it doesn’t look like there are many options for reducing the power usage within the iPad 3. Since most computers these days can stay powered on for years without any issues it may prove not to be an issue. We can suggest turning off the display when not in use, turning off wi-fi, killing running applications, and monitoring you’re charging as good things to keep in mind.

If your iPad 1, 2, or 3 does break be sure to give Repair Sharks a call. We have extensive experience working with these units. Our level one and two technicians can resolve