Apple iPad 1 and iPad 2 Repair Information

We have been repairing a lot of iPads over the last two years. Although the iPad 2 has outsold the iPad 1 at this point we still see a fair influx of the iPad 1 models coming in for cracked glass issues, LCD problems, and water damage.  The cost of an iPad 1 is still high and we suspect that this will remain steady going forward. Apple’s products have a higher resale value even after years of use compared to competitor’s products. After all an iPod is still an iPod regardless if it is 1 year old or 8. The device still plays music which is its primary function. The addition of all the bells and whistles is what makes each model more appealing.

A lot of avid iPad users like the iPad 1 over the iPad 2 due to the accessibility of jail breaks that the iPad 1 has had. Not until recently have we seen an A5 jailbreak (Absinthe) that actually works. Will this be the change of tide that will move iPad 1 users to the next platform? Possibly, but we still think there is a lot of value in the iPad 1 that a consumer may want to reconsider upgrading to an iPad 2. With talk of the iPad 3 stirring up in news blogs consumers may feel compelled to jump to the new iPad 3 when it is released. It will be interesting to see the market once there is a 3rd gen model available of this revolutionary tablet. The design has changed drastically from the 1 to the 2 and it is our guess that much of the iPad 2 platform will be transitioned into the iPad 3 models. We still see room for improvement and we believe Apple leaves this gate open for future models, otherwise users would have a hard time justifying the upgrade.

We just repaired an iPad 1 actually that was completely smashed. All 4 corners were damaged severely and the class was actually falling off the device in many areas. We removed the old glass / digitizer, or as we like to call the touch panel, and replaced it with a brand new piece. The corners were repaired individually to allow for the new glass to be installed properly. iPad 1 glass repair is much different than the iPad 2. We wonder what the newest generation will bring to the table.

Due to the complexity of these tablets and the potential for lots of collateral damage we always recommend having a professional repair the iPad 1 or 2. We see many damaged iPads from repair attempts gone bad.  Some of the components are extremely critical to the devices operation and damage to any of the micro sized cables or components can end with a non-working Apple iPad.

Repair Sharks has repair options available for iPad 1 and iPad 2. We will be sure to be re-engineering the repair process for the iPad 3 when it is finally released. If you or a friend needs help getting their iPad repaired give us a call and we can help.

iPad 1 Repair