Gaming Console Repair Should be Left to the Professionals

Gaming Console Repair Should be Left to the Professionals

Gaming console repair can be a difficult task. For an avid gamer, there’s probably nothing worse than being in the middle of a good game and having your system crash! Luckily there are pros on hand who can perform all kinds of repairs, on all types of consoles.

Gaming Console Repair

Gaming Console Varieties

We’ve come a long way from the old-school Ataris, and today’s premier eighth-generation gaming systems include Microsoft’s Xbox One, the Sony PlayStation (PS4), and the one-of-a-kind Nintendo Wii U.

The Xbox One is manufactured by Microsoft, with an added emphasis on cloud computing and the inclusion of various services and entertainment applications, in addition to games. Users can enjoy television programing, multitasking apps with split screens, and even second-screen functionality for multiple uses or optimal gaming. The optional Knelt sensor uses voice recognition and motion tracking as controlling options, in addition to the more traditional button controller.

The Nintendo PS4 was created by Sony, and emphasizes social interaction as well as the integration of other services and devices. The PS4 supports remote play on off-console mobile devices, and features a unique controller that includes an integrated touchpad.

Nintendo’s Wii U includes an integrated touchscreen, which can be used in conjunction with a main screen (replacing the need for split screen in multiplayer games) or in place of the television screen entirely.  Wii was the first gaming console to support the use of controlling devices that used body motion with the Wii remote, and it offers additional controllers like the nunchuk (a hand-held, corded controller that works in tandem with the main one), the Wii wheel (a steering wheel accessory), the Zapper (a gun-shaped controller), and the balance board (which players stand on, registering motion and balance shifts).

When Gaming Goes Wrong

Each of these systems offers fabulous entertainment options, but those all go down the tube when the system malfunctions.

Here are a few common problems that might require gaming console repair:

  • Bad disk drives. The disk drive on your gaming console is the element that reads and plays your game or movie disks. With their moving parts and delicate technology, they are subject to periodic failure and may need to be replaced. The good news is that the disk drive doesn’t hold any of your data or formatting, so you shouldn’t be at risk for losing your programming.
  • Hard drive failure. The hard drive drive on a gaming console is sort of like the “brain” of the game system, and malfunctions in disk drives are not easily repaired at home. If you’ve tested with additional controllers or screens and still find the system won’t work, it’s time to take your console in to an expert for repair. Techs will do what they can to save your data (and recover it if needed) while repairing or replacing your hard drive. You can make this easier by keeping regular backups yourself as a preventive measure against the day when you might experience a hard drive failure.
  • The “blue light of death”. Specific to the Nintendo PlayStation 4, the infamous “blue light of death” is a generalized error code, meaning it can be hard to figure out exactly what has gone wrong. The problem might be anything from an issue with the power supply to a problem with the hard drive, and you might need an experienced tech to sort it out for you.
  • Software issues. If your game freezes while you play, or if you find yourself facing an odd error message, your first move should be to reboot your console. Check your cables and make sure the console has not gotten overheated with use. If you keep experiencing freezing, you may want a tech to take a look and see if you’re experiencing software issues.

If you happen to run into any type of issue the Repair Sharks can help you out with your gaming console repair. We service a wide variety of problems for just about any console available on the market including Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, One, PS3, and PS4. Feel free to contact us or give us a call if you need a hand. Mail-in and drop-off services available for all consoles.


Gaming Console Repair –Why Home Fixes Don’t Work

Is there are a more frustrating thing then experiencing a gaming console breakdown while playing your favorite game? I think not. Gaming console fanatics the world over have to deal with a number of gaming console issue when they are least expecting them.

Most of the gaming console error codes and issues are not as bad as they seem and require simple repairs to get the gaming console back on track. However, there are serious hardware issues that might occur during the use of the gaming console even if they are not that common.

Gaming Console Error Codes – What the Hell Happened

The gaming console error codes can appear suddenly on the screen while you are in the middle of a race or a fight, leaving your thinking what the hell happened. Most of these error codes are messagesindicating that something has gone wrong with the software or hardware of the device and needs to be repaired.

You can find a list of the common error codes of PS3, Xbox 360 and other gaming consoles on the internet accompanied with an explanation of why the error code was generated and what can be done to fix it. However, just by knowing what the error code is about does not mean that you can solve it easily at home.

Gaming Console Issues – Can they be fixed?

Just like error codes, gaming console issues too are an indication of a problem with the gaming console but they are usually associated with hardware failures or defective hardware components.

Many of the gaming console issues don’t require much fixing. You just have to get the defective part out and replace it with a new one.

However, some of the rarer gaming console issues cannot be fixed just by replacing a component and the only solution is to ask for a refund from the manufacturer.

Troubleshooting Gaming Console Error Code and Issues – Why Experts Know Best

With so much information regarding gaming console repair available online, troubleshooting gaming console error codes and fixing gaming console issue at home should be a piece of cake. Except for, it’s not.

Gaming consoles are tricky pieces of hardware that need to be opened and closed properly in order to avoid further hardware damage. Home repairing of the gaming console usually cause more bad than good, further aggravating the issue.

Therefore, it is best that you enjoy playing games on your gaming console but leave the gaming console repair to the experts in Nassau County, Long Island New York.

Gaming Console Repair

Gaming Console Repair – Is Home Repair a Good Idea?

The advancing technology has proved to be a boon for gaming consoles and new versions are being made available to the gaming fanatics almost every other month. However, just like any other device, gaming consoles are subject to technical issues as well and need repair in order to run smoothly.

There are various gaming console issues that you might encounter during its use, some of which are easier to solve while others may take a bit of time. But is home repair a good idea when it comes to gaming console repair?

Common Gaming Console Issues –Easily Fixable

Gaming consoles like PlayStation, Wii and Xbox have all had their fair share of issues. The common gaming console problems that you are likely to experience when playing your favorite game on your console include red ring of death for Xbox, broken optical drive in terms of Wii and yellow light of death for PlayStation.

All of these issues are related to the hardware of the gaming consoles and require you to open them up and then either replace the defective component or do small repairs. The red ring of death and yellow light of death are both overheating issues that are easily fixable if you are not afraid to pry open your beloved gaming console.

Rare Gaming Console Issues – No Easy Fixes

Gaming consoles are likely to encounter some serious hardware issues as well but most of them are quite rare. Such issues usually do not have any easy fixes and require you to have your gaming console repaired by the manufacturer or replaced with a new one.

For instance, the blue light of death in PlayStation 4 is a prime example of a rare gaming console issue in which the blue light of the console does not turn white and the console never powers up.

Solving Gaming Console Issues – Why Home Repair is Ill Advised

Gaming console issues look easy to fix on your own at home using repair kits and instructions obtained from the internet. However, it is almost always a recipe for disaster.

You might think that you would be able to save many dollars by fixing your PS4 or Xbox at home but the reality is that you will most likely destroy it and damage it beyond repair. The reason is lack of technical knowledge and availability of the right tools.

Thus, it is best that the task of gaming console repair is left for the experts to deal with and should not be meddled with at home. Thus, if you want gaming console repair in Nassau County, Long Island then contact a good gaming console repair service in your area today such as Repair Sharks.

Game Console Repair

Xbox 360 Repair Troubleshooting – Do This Before You Get It Repaired

This article will detail Xbox 360 repair troubleshooting methods that you can implement yourself. This can help you save valuable money and hassles. Keep in mind that this article is not going to be able to cover all known repair issues, and for some issues you do need to opt for a third party Xbox 360 repair service.

If you’re familiar with Xbox repair services in the New York area, then you know how expensive it can be. This article is designed to help save your valuable time and money.

Troubleshooting Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death (Also known as Xbox 360 RROD)

Infamous red ring of death can usually be fixed with a very simple fix that does not require you to do any disassembling of parts. If you assume that your device needs to be sent to an Xbox 360 repair service or has to be sent back to the manufacturer, you would do yourself a favor by troubleshooting and finding out just what the problem is.

The red ring of death happens when three red lights form a ¾ circle at the power button of your device and the device stops working altogether. Be aware that by opening up your console you will void out the warranty. If the warranty on your device has already expired or you’ve already opened it up previously, then you’ve got nothing to lose. Otherwise, you’ll want to really think hard on whether or not you want to open the device.

Causes Of The Ring Of Death

Xbox 360 Repair Tip 1: Whenever your console is not able to get enough power, there are several ways that you can identify the problem and fix it, without having to open up the console.

Xbox 360 Repair Tip 2: One of the causes of the red ring of death is overheating. Your Xbox was created to shut down on its own when it overheats. At times it will do this before any damage can happen to it. If there is no damage, then avoiding this red ring of death is synonymous with avoiding overheating.

Xbox 360 Repair Tip 3: If there has been damage because of overheating, then it could be due to the design issues involved with the Xbox 360. Primarily the CPU and GPU uses up a lot of power, and thereby generate a lot of heat.

This makes it a really heavy burden on the cooling system of the device. Keep in mind, that it does not take much to cause your console to overheat. Just the smallest bit of wrong usage on the part of the Xbox owner will end up overheating the console. But then again, even the most careful users have experienced overheating.

Xbox 360 Repair Method: Fixing The Dreaded Red Ring Of Death/ Error E74

If you’re considering of letting your console can be fixed by an Xbox 360 repair service, please check out our trouble shooting tips first. They don’t involve you having to open your device at all, so you can have peace of mind if you have a warranty on it.

Even if you have a warranty and you’re thinking of shipping it off to the company for repairs, it’s a good idea to check the steps in this article.

Restart your Xbox console. Depending on where you live, there may be electrical brown outs or black outs. This happens in areas where there is hot weather and everyone has their central heat/air units on or their air conditioners running. This can cause a momentary lapse in electrical power. This can trigger the dreaded red ring of death.

  1. Reconnect all of your power cords and cables. You may have a loose cord or cable. Any power cords and cables that you can remove need to be disconnected. Unplug the cable from the wall. Then, reattach all of the cords and cables back into the Xbox. Now power it up and turn it on. Replace any damaged or worn cables.
  2. Connect the hard drive again. Turn off your Xbox console. Next you’ll unplug the power cord. Then, you’ll disconnect the hard drive. After that, you’ll connect the power again and turn the Xbox back on. If your Xbox does not display the three red lights error message, turn it back off and disconnect the power again. Then, connect the hard drive again, plug in the power cord, and turn the Xbox back on.
  3. Bypass all of the electrical obstructions or impediments. If you’re going to be using a surge protector, extension cord, or plug strip then remove these items and plug the power cord right into the wall outlet. Long extension cord can end up reducing your power and surge protectors can often be defective, so be aware of this issue.
  4. Check with another power outlet from a different room or different location. The wall out that you usually use may not have adequate power. You can rule this problem out by taking your Xbox to another room with a different wall outlet. Be sure that it is on a different circuit. This usually means it will have to be in another room, although this can vary depending on your home’s electrical set up. Alternatively, you can take it to a friend’s or relative’s home to try it out there.
  5. Resolve any issues with power brick. Your power brick may be overheating. When this happens, your Xbox does not receive the necessary power it needs. This can bring about the dreaded red ring of death. The power brick will not cool off unless      there’s enough ventilation. It’s a good idea to keep it off any shag carpets, bed covers or bed sheets.

Xbox 360 Repair Services Available

. You can choose to have the manufacturer repair your console, which will probably involve packing the whole thing up, printing labels, and shipping it off. Then, you’ll probably have to wait anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to hear anything back. In the meantime you will not have your Xbox to play with.

Be aware that the steps above help you to troubleshoot the red ring of death, but in case something goes wrong in the process, you may end up spending a way lot of money than you would have, had you called us in at the first place to do the repairs.

We do repairs on red ring of death issues, DVD drive issues, cooling mods, etc. We also provide Reflow and Reball services for the Xbox 360 console, as well as drive repairs on Xbox 360 slim, drive rebuilds and replacements. We are New York’s most popular and customer friendly Xbox 360 repair service. Call us today at XXX-XXXX and allow us to help you with your Xbox 360 repair service requirements.

Repair Sharks offers reball and reflow services for your Xbox 360. Contact us today 1-866-979-4763 for a free quote or visit our website for more information.

Repair Sharks iPod, iPhone, iPad Products and Repair Services

           Repair Sharks


Products and Services


Repair Sharks offers service for a wide variety of product lines. We offer everything from glass and LCD replacements to water damage repair. We include Free Diagnostics and Warranty with every repair. We also offer Free Shipping to your customer.

Repair Sharks Services

  • Audio and Headphone Jack issues
  • Battery replacement
  • Water Damage
  • Front and Back case replacements
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Hard Drive and DVD Drive replacements
  • Front Glass, Digitizer, Touch Panel Replacement
  • LCD Replacement
  • Data Backup and Migration
  • Docking and Charging Problems
  • Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death and DVD Drive Issues
  • PS3 Yellow Light of Death
  • And more…

Models We Service –

Apple Models – We service all Apple iPod, iTouch, Nano, Mini, iPhone, and iPad lines

  • Original 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th, 5th (Video), 6th  (Classic), and 7th (Classic)
  • iPod Touch  – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4thGeneration Models
  • iPod Nano – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Generation
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Android Smartphones – We service a variety of Android phones from each manufacturer. The list is always changing and growing.

  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • HTC

Blackberry – We can service a variety of Blackberry products. Touch Screen, LCD, Keyboards, Trackballs, etc.

Xbox 360 RepairAll models Serviced including new Xbox 360 Slim

Services –

  • Error Messages
  • DVD Drive Failures
  • Red Ring of Death Reflow
  • Red Ring of Death Reball
  • Enhanced RROD Repair Options
  • Cooling Mods

Original Xbox – Drive Replacements

Wii Console – We service and replace internal drives for consoles

PS3 – Blu-Ray Drive repair, Yellow Light Reball available

PS2 – Drive Replacements

Nintendo DS – LCD, charging issues, etc.

Sony PSP – LCD, Charging, Buttons and Thumbsticks

GPS Systems – We can replace GPS LCD Touch Screens

Laptop LCD Screens– We know many shops already offer this service but if you need our help give us a call! We can even do many Mac models!Replacement of your Notebook LCD screen. HP, Compaq, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell and more…

Notebook Motherboard Repair – Our level 2 technicians can REBALL, yes Reball GPU chips and make board level repairs to many model notebooks.

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