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iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 – What’s new in smartphones?

What’s Upcoming with the New iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 Rumors are rife regarding the upcoming and much-anticipated iPhone 7S and all-new iPhone 8. For iPhone aficionados, the question looms: what can we look forward to with the new variation and the brand new model? Next Up: the iPhone 7S? Marking the tenth anniversary of […]

iPhone Repair for Consumers

Imagine a scenario when you have an important week of meetings and work to do, but your phone suddenly falls, shatters, and breaks. People are faced with this every day and despite the iPhone’s flexbility and durability, it is still often in need of repair. For those times when you have made the mistake of […]

iPhone Repair is Not That Easy

Spend any reasonable amount of time on YouTube, and you’re sure to come across a how-to video (or ten) for repairing an iPhone. The people who make these videos make it seem very easy to switch out a motherboard or replace a battery. They also wax prose about how much money you’ll save by completing […]