Android Smart Phone Repairs: Dude Where’s My Screen!?

So your Android smartphone screen has cracked or appears to be broken, and you’re looking for some tips on Android smartphone repairs that could possibly work for you. Today’s cell phones always seem to get broken, especially the screens. Screens are usually especially sensitive to damage and breakage.

Accidents Can Happen

Although your unit may have been dropped, stepped on or accidentally cracked, there is still a way to replace the screen with a brand new one. Replacing the LCD screen involves a complicated process, due to the size of the components. The good news is with enough time, patience and tools, this can be done easily.

How To Repair A Broken Screen

Android Smartphone Repair Tip 1: Power your phone off completely. You can do this by holding down the power button for about ten seconds. Then you’ll turn it over and take off the back plate. Next, you’ll need to use your fingernail to slide under the battery. This will pop it out of your phone.

Android Smartphone Repair Tip 2: If you have a GSM phone, then you’ll want to find your SIM card. Pull back the covering over your SIM card and take the card out. Set the card aside and go on the next tip.

Android Smartphone Repair Tip 3: Locate the plastic RF grommet. This is usually near the battery, at the bottom of your cell phone. You’ll need to take this grommet out by using some tweezers.

Android Smartphone Repair Tip 4: Tweezers should be inserted into the holes. These are located on the sides of your cell phone and are directly opposite from the area where you found RF grommet. You’ll utilize these tweezers in order to pull up the inside latch. This latch is located inside the hole. This will unlock the bottom plastic cover for the antenna. Lift off the cover and set it to the side.

Android Smartphone Repair Tip 5: You’ll pull out the screws that are located at the edges of the device. You’ll need to use a Torx screwdriver for this. Next, you’ll want to take the metal plate out, right off your cell phone.

Android Smartphone Repair Tip 6: Flip your cell phone over so that you can view the LCD. A flat head screw driver can be used to slide it between the bottom of the phone and the seam of the plastic cover. You’ll now want to wiggle the screwdriver up and down in a gentle manner so that you can release the catch under the cover. Next, you’ll pull the plastic cover off the device.

Android Smartphone Repair Tip 7: You’ll discover the latch on the side of the screen. You’ll want to unlock that. You can do that with your tweezers. You’ll pull the screen off of the handset and then remove the cable that is running from the phone to the screen. Lay your replacement screen into the phone. Then, attach all the necessary cables.

Android Smartphone Repair Tip 8: Place the plastic back cover back on to the phone, by flipping your phone over. Next, attach the metal plate back and put in all screws. Push the RF grommet into place. Then, place your SIM back. Put the battery back into the cell phone, and the put the plastic cover back on. Then you’ll power it on to make sure it’s working.

How To Repair Market Place Application

Who doesn’t love the Android marketplace? It enables you to download third party programs on your phone, but you must remember that the marketplace is an application in of itself. Just like the programs on your computer, the Android market application can end up running into problems sometimes.

These usually involve stalled downloads and incomplete downloads. The application can refuse to open up or it can just stop responding to you. By doing a hard reset, you can restore this Marketplace application. Although this can solve your problem, there are also less drastic measures you can take so you don’t have to worry about losing your information and settings.

  1. Press down and hold down the power button your phone. Your device options menu will display a few options. Touch “reboot” and power your phone off and then back on.
  2. Test your Android Marketplace application after your cell phone has turned back on.
  3. Open your application screen and see if the application is working properly.
  4. Press down the “menu” button on your cell phone. Next, you’ll touch “settings”.
  5. Touch the “applications” option and then choose “manage applications”.
  6. Touch the “all” tab and then choose “market”. Next, you’ll touch “clear data” and then follow  that with “clear cache”. For Download Manager, Google Talk, Google Mail, Google Apps, and IM you will need to have the process repeated.
  7. Repeat the first two steps. If your Android Marketplace is still experiencing issues, you’ll definitely have to do a factory hard reset. This will end up deleting everything on your phone. You’ll have to reload your phone’s operating system from scratch.      Your email contacts and email messages will need to be synced to your Gmail. They are then restored once you re-active your cell phone. Be sure that you back up your information. You can do this by moving it to a computer or to a memory card.
  8. Select “menu” button on your phone’s main screen and then go to “settings’.
  9. Select “privacy settings” and then follow it with “factory data reset”.


Should You Take It To A Repair Service?

The above information works well for most Android phones, including the HTC, LG, Samsung and Motorola. Of course there are many more technical issues involved that you may not be able to fix yourself.

Remember; if one step is not done right, no matter what you do, you may have to spend a lot of money in repairing the phone or buying a new phone altogether to be able to use it again.

This is where we come in. We can do glass replacements for almost all Android phones, as well as higher level repair work done on the popular models. We are New York’s finest Android Smartphone repairs service provider, and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best repairing services, at the lowest price you can think of. Click here to visit the Repair Sharks website.

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