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Xbox 360 Repair Service
Xbox 360 Repair Service

The Repair Sharks Xbox 360 Repair will help you get on your feet again when your Xbox 360 bites the dust from the dreaded RROD or DVD Drive Issues.

Red Ring of Death or the RROD is a constant issue with the Xbox 360. The most common cause of this issue is overheating due to the poor cooling design of the casing and high heat output of the motherboard components. DVD Drive issues are also regular and can cause such things as games not to be recognized or mechanical drive failures. RROD or DVD drive issues can occur at any time and are very common with the Xbox 360 system.

  • Repairs Flashing Red Lights, RROD or other errors
  • Repairs Broken DVD drive or failing laser
  • Optional Repair Sharks cooling enhancement. Includes additional internal components that reduce internal GPU temperatures by 8-10 degrees.
DVD Drive Repair - We can repair any issue that you may be having with your DVD drive. If your tray will not open, read disks, or you get an Open Tray issue this is all covered under our DVD repair service.

Standard Red Ring Repair - Our standard RROD repair includes a full reflow of your GPU, CPU, Memory modules, and surrounding chips.  We use a high quality and tested method to properly reflow your Xbox motherboard under controlled conditions. This repair also includes replacement of your Xbox 360 X-clamps and the addition of high quality thermal paste to help minimize recurrence.

Cooling Mod Red Ring Repair - This repair takes our Standard Red Ring Repair and adds two additional components. The first is the addition of an internal cooling fan that helps draw heat more effectively away from the GPU. The second is a custom heatsink that is added to draw heat away from the GPU and CPU and transfer the heat more effectively throughout the metal chassis. The two mods combined offer an 8 degree Celsius cooling benefit.

Reball Red Ring Service - Our reball service is the ultimate in Red Ring Repair. The goal of the reball service is to minimize the chances of GPU related issues in the future. We use a special technique to remove and replace your GPU using lead-based solder. This removes your old no-lead based solder joints and helps to create a longer lasting bond between the board and the chip.
  • For RROD we do a complete reflow of the board and rework the damaged areas on your motherboard. We install the best heatsink compound and a new GPU and CPU heatsink mounting system which eliminate the Xbox 360 heatsinks X-clamps (part of the problem).
  • For DVD drive issues, we replace your drive with a new one using the correct processes. Xbox DVD drives come in many types and each one has a different replacement process.
  • Recommended for Gamers- For our optional cooling mods we first mod your internal metal casing and add a Uniclamp aluminum plating mod which helps the system transfer heat from the board to the metal casing much better than the original design. We add additional heatsink transfer pads which help transfer even more heat to the top heatsinks. We then employ a custom internal topside motherboard heatsink cooler that works directly with the GPU cooling it more effetively. This further enhances internal air circulation and heat transfer resulting in lower temperatures during all phases of use from minimal to heavy.
  • FREE Return Shipping from us to your doorstep via Priority Mail 2-3 day
Repair Time
  • Typical repair time is 2 days for standard repair or 3 days for Enhanced cooling mod repair. Return shipping is 2-3 days. Figure about 7-10 days from the day we receive it. We like to keep you in the loop and you will be contacted by us throughout the process. We are here to help, you can contact us 6-days a week.

Since Xbox 360 repair comes in a variety of forms we provide warranty coverage based on the type of repair that you have completed with your console.

1. If your Xbox 360 has been previously opened we can only offer a 30-day warranty for RROD repairs and 60-days on DVD Drive Issues. Unfortunately we cannot control how other repair centers perform their work expecially with Red Ring repairs. There are many ways to repair this device and some ways will just make it worse down the line. Sometimes previous work can diminish the life of the Xbox if not performed properly. We always recommend professional repair for this type of work. It takes special equipment and training to perform it correctly.

2. Our Standard and enhanced Cooling-mod repair on non-opened Xbox 360's includes a 60-day warranty. This includes RROD repairs on non-openend Xbox 360's and any DVD drive related issue.

3. Our Reball service repair on non-opened Xbox 360 consoles includes a 90-day warranty. If previously opened then we do offer 60-days if the reball is successful.

We are dedicated to offering top service in this industry and are constantly improving our processes at Repair Sharks. 

Our warranty covers only work that Repair Sharks has performed on your device. It also includes any parts that we may have installed. If your Xbox 360 fails during this time period you can arrange for us to evaluate and repair anything that may not be working.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, inquiries etc. feel free to give us a call at 516-499-6892

Xbox 360 Repair: DVD Drive Issue Repair (+$85.00)
Standary Red Ring of Death Repair (+$85.00)
Enhanced Cooling Mod Red Ring Repair (+$124.95)
Full Reball Service (+$149.95)
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Bill Landman - 07th March 2012

Great Fast Service! I recommend to all!
Thanks Guys!

working excellent so far

Jon Letruc - 09th February 2012

I bought the enhanced cooling Red ring repair. It has been working great so far for the last two months. Thank you Dan and Allan I appreciate you helping me.

Need to be fix

Chee Yang - 05th January 2012

i was wondering if they could fix my Xbox 360? i drop my Xbox 360 and the thing that you put your CD in, its broken. So i tried to open it but can't put them back to original. so if they could fix it please send me a Email:

[email protected]


John - 01st November 2011

Xbox is working again, finally! Thanks guys.

Still Running Great!

Marie - 04th October 2011

Hey I had my Xbox repaired over a year ago by you guys and it is still working great, just got another repair. Thanks again!

Great Service

Brian Garcia - 18th February 2011

I will recommend you guys, thanks for getting my Xbox fixed so fast.

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